My Real Man
November 26, 2012
My Real Man

Dr. Laura,

I have been married to my husband for 22 years. This morning, we went to walk our dog which we do most days.

When we arrived to where we walk (so my dog can run off-leash with nobody or no other dogs around), my husband got a shovel out of the truck and started walking. I asked him what he was going to do - kill and bury me? LOL. He said, "No", and started clearing a swatch through the tumbleweeds that had grown over the path we were walking on that leads into the open area. For about a quarter mile, I walked behind, watching my rugged, hardworking man shovel and move bushes and weeds so I wouldn't get stickers and scratched walking through there.

It may be a small thing but it was so thoughtful and so sweet of him. This is just one example of many he does for me every day.

I have to say REAL MEN do exist and I am so grateful for mine. Plus, I make sure he knows it.

Keep preaching, teaching and nagging, Dr. Laura. We LOVE YOU!


Posted by Staff at 2:39 PM