May 13, 2010
The Devil Made Me Do It!
IconI was enthralled when on a vacation trip with my husband and then adolescent son, we visited the actual homes of the Anasazi Indians.  The drive through Arizona was amazing, but climbing the sheer cliffs of the Anasazi dwellings was astonishing.  They actually lived, with newborns and toddlers, in completely open 5-6 foot indentations in the rock with some six feet between where they slept and ate and played....from a drop of at least 1000 feet.  I honestly don't know how many kids fell to their untimely deaths - but I guess that was a very rare occurrence as these folks lived there successfully for centuries.Contrast this to some irresponsible and outrageous parents living upstairs in a duplex in Oregon.  A toddler fell out of the window and injured her head.  Never mind that the mother had left this child alone with an open window...she sued the landlord.  To add stupid to absurd, the jury found for...the mother... to the tune of $560,000!The company plans to appeal...I sure hope they succeed.  The jurors actually held the landlord responsible for not telling the parents about the danger of open windows....DUH?I guess a primitive tribe of Indians has better sense than an educated, middle class woman living in a duplex with indoor plumbing.But what is with that silly jury?  I'll tell you: it is part of the growing infantilization of American culture: be responsible for nothing...make somebody else responsible!  This is a moral decline which will have more and more negative impact on America, which is no longer a "bootstraps" kinda has become a "bailout" kinda culture.Then again...remember Flip Wilson's famous signature line:  "The devil made me do it!"   Which is why I'm not responsible for these comments if you're offended.

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