Males v. Females
June 26, 2013
Males v. Females



Hey there Dr. Laura,

I love movies... not necessarily good ones, but I DO love movies. There are so many movies that directly deal with the difference between men and women: The Truth about Cats and Dogs, The Ugly Truth, What Women Want, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, Notting Hill, etc. Unfortunately, all of these deal with feelings in a Hollywood way. It's all on screen, not "real;" however, there is one movie that CAUSES the two sexes to react in a VERY stereotypical way. That movie, is Titanic.

Why? Well, no matter which version of the movie you're thinking of, imagine a reporter asking people leaving the theater how they liked the movie and you'll get the EXACT difference between men and women.


Couple leaving the theater... The man, stoic faced, yet concerned he's done something wrong, practically supporting a teary-eyed date, so blinded by tears running down her mascara stained cheeks that she can barely walk, wracked with sobs.

Reporter to woman: "So, how was the movie?"

Woman, between sobs: "Oh... it... was soooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful... I mean... he saved her and she saved him and they danced and they loved and they cared and then they saved each other and then... and then... and then.... he DIEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!"

Reporter to Man: "How'd YOU like the movie?"

Man, still holding up the woman: "I like how the ship broke apart in the middle."

'nuff said.

Love you Doc,


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