It's Never Worth It
August 9, 2019
It's Never Worth It

I did not hear your opening about infidelity affecting children. However, I want to share my story because I lived it. I destroyed my family.

My husband was a Mama's boy and favored his family over me and our daughters. He moved us around and I worked full time to help support us. Angered at my situation I lashed out by cheating, with 2 different men.

I desperately wanted to feel love from someone who could adore me for me, not just for the money I could provide. I was not there for my daughters. They were told by their father exactly what their mother did to destroy the family. It has been a long hard road from that day 15 years ago.

Long since divorced, I still struggle to regain my daughters trust. Those men I cheated with? Long gone. Never in a million years would I go back and repeat what I did. PLEASE tell your listeners. DO NOT CHEAT. IT IS NOT, EVER, WORTH IT.

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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM