Why Have a Child At All?
October 9, 2013
Why Have a Child At All?

I had been a divorced mom for 15 years and did everything I could do to be a stay-at-home mom. I started a business so I could work the hours my children were in school and still be there for field trips, sick days, and school holidays. We were on a VERY tight budget for many years with sometimes having to make the choice between gas money and milk at the end of the month, but it was the best decision of my entire life.

I am recently an "empty nester" with both of my children having graduated and set off on their college adventure.  As I was looking for jobs, I ran across the following nanny position description and was dismayed at thinking, "Why have a child at all?" Here's the exact wording from the ad:

We're looking for an experienced caregiver to take care of our three boys from 2-8pm Monday-Thursday each week. Responsibilities include:

-picking up the boys from school

-prepare after school snacks

-ensure homework gets done

-lead afternoon activities like pool, park, art, crafts, soccer/hockey practice

-prepare dinner for the boys

-supervise bath time routine

-get the boys in their pajamas and ready for bed

I ask the question again, if you didn't want to spend time with your kids, why have kids at all? Is more money really worth the children growing up with "weekend parents"?

Dr Laura, I took your philosophy to heart many years ago when I first had my children and I DID THE RIGHT THING and was there for them 24/7. I RAISED THEM. Good or bad, credit or blame, the responsibility was mine. I have made many mistakes as a parent, but the one thing my children have always known... they are #1 in my life. They are secure knowing that they are valuable, treasured and more than anything, that they are WORTH the sacrifice. This is what has helped to shape their self esteem.

Thank you for continuing to encourage young parents to make the choice to put their kids first.


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