My Not-So-Lovey-Dovey Husband's Love Letter
March 14, 2012
My Not-So-Lovey-Dovey Husband's Love Letter

Dear Dr. Laura,

I began listening to your program shortly after I was married. Initially I was offended at your bluntness and interruptions. However, I continued to listen and gained some beautiful insights into my own life over the years.

I want to tell about one: During the first few months of listening to you I heard you say something to the effect of "Are you the kind of person you would want to come home to?" I realized I was not. I was whiny and selfish and certainly not looking at things from my husband's perspective. From that day, I changed. I started to act like his girlfriend. He was already a good man, but was weighed down by the burden of his wife not being happy. As I changed, his burden became lighter. I am forever grateful for him. He would swim across shark infested waters to bring me a glass of lemonade, even though he is not a good swimmer. He is not a man who is "lovey dovey" and does not frequently express his emotions. When I received this email from him out of the blue, I sat and read it through my tears. I will always treasure it. I wanted to share it with you and to say thank you for giving me the keys to change my marriage and my future.

The email was entitled: Why do I love my wife so much?

I love my Kimmy so much because:

*She is my best friend.
*She is good to me. She does everything for me.
*She always supports me in everything that I do and any decisions I make.
*She never complains about silly things.
*She takes good care of our kids.
*She takes good care of her body. (loved that one)
*She takes good care of our house.
*She takes good care of our animals.
*She is always looking for a better way to make us better as a family.

There are so many more things about you I appreciate. I'm truly a lucky man.

Thanks again.


P.S.  No one else calls me Kimmy. If I hear it from anyone I automatically know they will treat me with respect because they are a friend of my dear husband.

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