Glad To Have Dr. Laura In My Life
March 24, 2017
Glad To Have Dr. Laura In My Life

Hi Dr Laura,

I was doing my daily walk in the mall and saw a nice red Bra and panty set in the display window. It gave me a crazy idea. Since my husband and I really did not want to go out for dinner, I planned on surprising him.

I wore the cute red panties and bra n the morning while I cooked his breakfast and lunch for work. Mind you, my body is not what it used to be, but I listened to you. I remembered that guys usually don't care. They just want to see skin. Well...he had the biggest smile when he saw me in the kitchen. He almost stayed home. Wink, wink. He continued to text me during the day to tell me he was thinking of me wearing my little outfit.

You're so right on about a lot of things Dr. Laura, I am glad I have you in my life.



Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM