The Luckiest Parents on Earth
October 30, 2013
The Luckiest Parents on Earth

Dr. Laura,

I have listened to you for over 20 years. The impact you made on me will continue to show through my children.

You let me know (when I was in my early 30s) that it was ok to "wait until marriage". It was ok!  In fact it was a blessing that my wife and I waited until we married. I only wish I could make other people realize this.

Over 11 years ago, my son was born. The way you talked about the special gift of being a parent was something that will never leave my soul. When I looked at him I saw and still see the love of God.

I wrote the song below about him. Being "My Kid's Dad" in addition to my marriage have been the most blessed gifts in my life. The song is titled "The Luckiest Parents on Earth". You made me realize long before having a child that if you take the role of parenthood as prized as it is meant to be, then every parent should view themselves as the luckiest parent. And if they view themselves that way, they will treasure and raise a child with true love.

Our son is unbelievable: talented with a humble demeanor and full of love. I like to think because he has been so loved that he loves so much.

Please if you have 2 minutes, listen to this song. It ends with a thought I learned from you.

Thank you,

Paul S. 

p.s.: If you hear the baby screaming in the background that is my son. He was less than a year old at the time I recorded this.

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