Our Simple Family Rule
July 29, 2019
Our Simple Family Rule

Every time I hear you say, "choose wisely; treat kindly," I smile.  My mom's version of the same advice as I was growing up was "Choose your love; love your choice."  I'm happy to say I took her advice.  

Even when I went away to college, I stuck to our simple family rule that if a guy wanted to date me, he had to ask my father's permission.  This automatically eliminated 90% of the boys who were jerks or cowards.  After getting to know me for a few weeks around campus at various activities, my now-husband asked me out for Valentine's Day dinner on a real date, and he called my dad for permission to do that.  "Sure!" my Dad replied.  "Make reservations for four and we'll meet you there at 7:30!"  So, our first real date was with my parents.  My dad had a man-to-man talk with my date about what it meant and didn't mean to date me, and my now-husband proved his character in the way he handled that first serious conversation.  

We're celebrating ten years of marriage, five children and I have a man I am proud to love and trust and call the father of my children.  He respected me, valued me, and earned my love.  He is a man of honor, integrity, responsibility and worthy of the utmost admiration and respect.  I chose my love well and wisely, and now I love my choice well by treating him kindly.  Thank you for encouraging women to be picky, and I'll keep smiling each time you remind me of my own mom.


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