Old? What's That?
July 29, 2014
Old? What's That?

Hi Dr. Laura.

Just returned from a trip to Iceland where I rode Icelandic horses for three days in the driving rain and howling wind. I suggested a caving experience to my 3 travel mates and we explored a "lava tube" which we had to belly crawl through in sections and crab walk through in others.

I am home now and catching up on podcasts. Heard the 58-year-old woman who was ashamed to state her age. I had my kids in my late 30s, raised 'em, launched 'em, cried a bit and then rediscovered my passion for horses. I bought one and live a GREAT life.

I am 61. My travel mates to Iceland were 31, 31 and 34. I had no more difficulty than they and cannot understand this BS about not giving your age. My patients with terminal cancer would LOVE to say they are 58 or 40, or 60. Or any other age at all!  I have learned from these patients that every day on this side of the turf without huge suffering is a great one, filled with possibilities. Please people...life is such a gift! Celebrate each passing year and announce it proudly. You have earned each of those years and the right to celebrate!!

Keep setting the peeps straight on this, Dr Laura. You aren't old until you act old!




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