Get Off Your Booty
November 1, 2017
Get Off Your Booty

Hi Dr. Laura,

I am a daughter of a woman who CHOSE to be obese her entire life. You are totally spot on when you tell women they are committing slow suicide. My mom passed last year after multiple heart surgeries for congestive heart failure. She never tried exercise, she would laugh and joke about how she hated it. She refused therapy after every surgery. She could barely move. She died at age 69 leaving behind 2 confused grandchildren and an extremely lonely husband.

He took such loving care of her, never once did he complain about it. She just could not motivate herself. I knew in the back of my mind that she did not want to live. She was so miserable in that inflamed body of hers. She slipped and fell in the hospital trying to use the bathroom and they had to get a hydraulic lift to lift her up. There are so many other horrible things she endured, I could go on and on.

I hope you motivate the women that call in to take control of their lives because they really do not know the living hell that they will face if they do not get off their booty.

Best Regards, 

Stay at Home Mom Domestic Engineer


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