Daycare Dangers
April 2, 2018
Daycare Dangers

Dr. Laura:

In a conversation with some moms from school about cleaning up kids' messes, I told them that due to a prior "Sharpie transgression," the permanent marking version of that product is outlawed in our house and being caught with one is a serious offense.  Another mother told how her three-year-old came home from day care one day with marker scribble all over her clothing and expensive boots.  She was outraged that her daughter had gotten hold of such a marker and ruined her new clothes and boots. 

I, too, was enraged, but not for the same reason she was.  I said to her that the issue wasn't so much that her daughter had managed to get the marker; the issue was that the level of destruction she described had to take at least four to six minutes to inflict.  How was her daughter so unsupervised for that amount of time?  What if her tool of destruction had been a knife or similar sharp object?  Left unattended for what seemed a small amount of time could have resulted in a tragic situation much worse than a few pieces of ruined clothing.

I politely asserted that had it been MY child, that would have been her last day at that daycare, but then added that my heart would never allow me to put my kid in daycare in the first place - an institution where children clearly go long periods of time without adult attention or LOVE.  Thank you, Dr. Laura, for helping me form a world view that saw this story for what it was - just one more real-world example of the danger that can occur if you put your child in a place where they go unloved, instead of at home and near your loving arms. 



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