Your 'Dose of Reality'
January 16, 2018
Your 'Dose of Reality'

I called about a month ago asking how I could get over my anger of my former sister-in-law dating less than 6 months after my brother’s suicide. You gave me a HUGE slap in the face (or dose of reality) as I call it. You told me whatever she did now is none of my business and I should move on. I sat there and replayed that phone call in my head numerous times and WOW...I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Letting go of all that anger and hatred I had for her was consuming my life and exhausting me. In the last few weeks, it's felt really good to have "that" out of me. You are awesome!! Thank you again!!!


P.S. I am my therapist's listener! LOL

Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM