Dating And Minor Kids
September 29, 2017
Dating And Minor Kids

Dr. Laura,

Just wanted to comment on a call Dr. Laura took the other day. She was talking to a single mom with kids who had let her boyfriend move in. Dr. Laura said there is a good chance the guy could be a perv and do harm to her children.

I just wanted to back Dr. Laura up and say that yes, that can and does happen and I'm a product of it. I experienced it first hand.

My mom was a divorced mom who met and married her stud within 6 months and my stepfather was a disgusting pig who molested me from around the time I was in 5th grade into high school. I echo Dr. Laura's advice. Do NOT date when you have minor children and definitely don't let some man move in with you and your kids!

Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM