5 Reasons to Live Beneath Your Means
April 24, 2018
5 Reasons to Live Beneath Your Means

My personal way of looking at finances has always been, if I have it, I can use it; if I don’t have it, I budget. Most Americans struggle to make ends meet, which results in a great deal of financial and marital stress. We all need to learn to live beneath our means and pretend we make a lot less money than we do. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. You have less stress in your life. When the finances are tight, you’re upset and stressed. You’re not nice to your kids or your spouse, much less yourself. 

2. You can probably have some of your dreams come true. Whether it’s a dream vacation or dream car, if you’re living beneath your means you can save up and buy some goodies. 

3. You learn that more is just more and does not lead to happiness. I’ve lived with very little, and I’ve lived with a lot. I prefer having a lot, but it doesn’t eradicate all of the aches, pains, struggles, strife, and disappointments of life. That’s why being content with what you have is so important. 

4. You have an emergency fund. It’s always important to have an emergency fund in case your car breaks down, the air conditioning fails, etc. Something like that always happens. 

5. You can help others. When you give, you feel good, the person you’re helping feels good, and you add some good to the world. 


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