Parents Behaving as Selfish Teenagers
August 16, 2012
Parents Behaving as Selfish Teenagers

Dear Dr. Laura,

I need to vent to someone who will understand my feelings.

I am a divorced mom who has decided to dedicate my life to my daughter. I am so angry and frustrated, because there are so many single parents acting like children. I see parents who are separated and they immediately seek out a new partner. In addition, they introduce their "friends" to their children.  Furthermore, I see parents getting babysitters when it is their time with the children, so they can go out and party.  Some children now have to go through another divorce!

I don't understand how these parents can't see how their behavior is hurting their child. Children of divorce are going through trauma, and they do not need any more stress added to their lives. My heart hurts; these children are innocent and they need love and support from their parents, not ones going from partner to partner who don't see how their actions affect their children in the long run.

I am a teacher and I see the damage that this type of lifestyle is causing to children. I just want to shake these parents to get them to wake up! Little children are going to grow up in this muck, and then they are going to be filled with anger and resentment; they will have problems functioning in relationships and building a happy life.

Thanks for listening Dr. Laura, and thank you for all your hard work!



Posted by Staff at 2:20 PM