It Took A Momma Bear To Do The Job
November 11, 2015
It Took A Momma Bear To Do The Job

Hi, Dr. Laura:

My sister takes the train to work, and on her way home the other evening, there was a man in his 30s or 40s on the train who was trying to get the attention of women walking by or sitting near him.  He leaned around the seat in front of him and talked to the girls there.  They were clearly uncomfortable.  There was a young woman sitting next to him who eventually gave up her seat during the rush hour commute to get away from him.  

Then he noticed my sister sitting alone.  He tried to get her attention, but since she had witnessed his behavior, she ignored him. Then he sat down next to her and started pleasuring himself in full view of everyone!  Not one man came to any of these ladies' aid.  When this man started taking the hand of a shy looking girl nearby, my sister got up in the middle of the train car and yelled at the man to leave the young girl alone and to go away.  After strongly telling him to go away several times, he walked away.  She and another passenger called the rail police, the train was stopped and the man was removed.   

There must not have been any fathers of girls on the train that day, because not one man said or did anything.  Even a MALE would have done something.  It took a woman with a momma bear's heart to take him down.  I'm very proud of her.


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