May 13, 2010
In Praise of Bikers
IconI don't think I've ever known a more magnanimous group of people than bikers.  They get together to support an incredible range of charities in spite of the reality that they are generally not in the top 10% of America's most wealthy.  Instead, they have the biggest hearts and are willing to share and do what it takes to be helpful to others in need - a truly remarkable group.Since I've been riding my Harley-Davidson Road King trike, I've experienced first-hand the camaraderie of bikers.  Whenever bikers pass each other, they signal a kind of "hello" by raising their straightened left hand slightly.  I am unaware of "road rage" behavior from bikers.  It's the car drivers, seated in their metal containers, who seem to feel a sense of ownership of every part of the road on which they find themselves.  Cars will cut off other cars with millimeters to spare, offering a finger gesture in response to the shocked or frightened motorist who has just been subjected to their outrageous maneuvering.  Some will even wield a gun if particularly annoyed by being inconvenienced or held accountable for vehicular misbehavior.The first time I went on a major road with my bike, it was scary.  I'd always pull over to the right to allow speeding cars to move past.  The most frightening was when two lanes merged into one, and many drivers would speed to 70 or 90 mph just to gain an advantage and get past the bike.  Now I see the safety factor in riding in a group!

Posted by Staff at 1:01 AM