They Were Listening!
July 31, 2013
They Were Listening!


I am a proud Mommy! My college age girls, 21 and almost 20, did me proud. It wasn't easy after the divorce from their dad, but we managed with God at our side. 

With different set of values, their first dad and I could no longer work it out. Recently, their first dad (who is still very much involved in their lives) told our daughters that in order to get ahead in life, you have to lie. When the girls balked at what their dad had just said, he told them "You're just too young to know better". 

Those wonderful young ladies immediately told him, "There is no way God will bless you, if you go through life lying to get ahead." Respectfully, they stood up to him and told him there was no way they would allow him to lie for them for any amount money or life advancements. They described it as something was jumping around inside of them while he was feeding them this garbage. When they told him, No,"  their insides settled down. Of course, he was mad as heck at their defiance, but they stood their grounds.

While our daughters were telling their second dad what transpired, he was hopping mad and fit to be tied. However, he realized the girls had it under control and they knew the right thing to do. We were beaming from their good judgment. 

All we can say is, "Keep on doing what is right with your children even if you aren't sure they are listening, because, trust me, they are internalizing everything...good or bad." As parents we are the role models and we should act accordingly.

Thank you for this platform.

Beaming Mom who thanks God for those two precious gifts.

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