Tips For Coping In Hard Times
January 16, 2017
Tips For Coping In Hard Times

Dr. Laura:

I've had a horrendous few years brought about by family betrayal and my son's selection of a brutal wife.  I suffered greatly emotionally, but I found several things that helped me through it that I'd like to share.

  1. My husband and I bolstered each other up and found great comfort in supporting each other through this tough time.  

  2. By listening to you, I heard callers who were in similar situations, and it was important for me to understand that I wasn't the whack job in this situation.

  3. My blessed horse.  Horses (if you aren't allergic or afraid) are among the most therapeutic animals in the world.  By spending as much time as I could with him, he helped keep me sane when I thought I was losing it.

  4. I ramped up my yoga practice and found profound relaxation and better fitness.

  5. My friends helped hold me up, had my back and loved me, warts and all.

  6. Long hot baths.  Bubbles were surprisingly helpful.

  7. Helping others.  Amazingly, there is always someone worse off than you.  You may feel like you've gotten a bad deal in life until you walk beside someone whose been dealt a worse deal.  

Dr. Laura, you are an anchor in my life.  Thank you for what you do.  I know YOU know it's important, or you would have retired by now!  Know that you are appreciated and loved.

A fan,


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