The Parenting Thing Isn't Easy
May 16, 2018
The Parenting Thing Isn't Easy

Dr. Laura:

Fourteen years ago, as a newly married college student, I was preparing to enter the workforce to help at-risk children and youth.  I came to realize through listening to your program that there was no role more important to a child than that of a mother.  Instead of working with children in an institution, what if I could provide them with something far more lasting and nurturing in my home?  So, right out of college, my husband and I bought our first home and opened it to foster children, with me in the role of stay-at-home foster mom.  That was the beginning of the journey that led us to foster 70 children.

Today I am the proud mama of six forever children - three adopted and three biological.  They've never had a single day of daycare and have known the constant love and support of a stay-at-home mom and a hard-working gentle super-dad.  And I've also remained my husband's girlfriend all these years!  

The parenting thing isn't easy, but I have always had your voice in my head, reminding me to have "tickle fights" instead of a perfect house, to take walks to the park instead of sitting on my computer, to play and laugh and soak up the special moments.  Next month, my oldest adopted daughter will graduate from high school, and she'll be the first in her line to go to college.  If I had sought fortune and career, she never would have joined our family.  I believe that God used your heart and your wisdom to lead me to the abundant, beautiful life we're living.  And multiple couples from our church followed our example and have become foster and adoptive families too.  I'd love to give you a great big hug of gratitude.  Keep your voice going in the world.  Our children are the better for it.

Much love,


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