Good Husbands Raise Great Husbands
June 26, 2020
Good Husbands Raise Great Husbands

One day I heard you say that you should treat your family as a safe haven, and not as a waste dump.  My husband has been doing that for a long time.  He never once brought stress home from work when our kids were growing up.  When Daddy walked in the door, our son would simply say "Let's play," and my husband would be right there on the floor playing whatever games they wanted to play. It was the highlight of their day.

In later years, he told me that he had been offered promotions at least twice at work, but he turned them down.  He was happy at his job and could only see stress coming along with the promotions.  Today, the highlight of our days is when our daughter-in-law sends us videos of our son playing with their ten-month-old boy.  Another safe haven in the making! 

When our son was only 3 1/2 years old, he scrambled to help me get a Band-Aid to cover a paper cut I had.  When I thanked him and told him how nice he was for doing that, he said "Yes, because I want to be a good husband when I grow up!"  So even at that young age, he had already learned from watching his Dad what a good man would do. Our son's mother-in-law has also told me what a sweet husband our son is.  So, I would say it takes a good husband to RAISE a good husband!


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