A Man's Point of View on Abortion
April 11, 2012
A Man's Point of View on Abortion

Recently, you had a caller who was trying to justify her actions of having an abortion, instead of the baby being raised in another state by the biological father and his family. As I listened to the call with my husband, he got angrier and angrier at the caller and all her excuses for killing the baby. "He will NEVER forgive her!" he shouted as he left the room to calm himself down.

When he came back, he requested I turn off the show because he could no longer take it.  He was near tears as he started to cry and mourn the loss of a child he had fathered before we had gotten married. I learned his ex had gotten an abortion when he had been out of town, even though HE WANTED THE CHILD. He feels a deep sense of loss over his murdered child and I know, even though we have a beautiful daughter together, he will always mourn for the child who was stolen from him.  He will NEVER forget what his ex did and will always struggle to "forgive" her completely.

You are right Dr. Laura - a man will NEVER be friends with any woman who murders his child.


Posted by Staff at 2:37 PM