Facing The Pain
October 1, 2019
Facing The Pain

I once lost a job. It forced me to be on my own; even thinking I was going to lose my apartment or car. Through the pain of being let go, I had to do the opposite of what I felt. You have to fight. Gather your strength and fight.

After you have cried and wailed to no one for a few hours, you have to breathe, calm down and get strong. There is nobody else to turn to. You have to look at everything you ever did to be successful before. Remember it got you your last job. You have to keep clear headed. No self-pity, no running from reality. No drink or pills. You cannot be strong if you abuse your brain with false happiness and unnatural emotions. Face up to the pain. Don't displace the pain, or it will flood back twice as strong.

Make a plan of action. Present yourself better, stronger and faster. Within a couple of weeks, new doors will open. This happened to me many years ago. It was a very memorable low point and this is what it taught me.

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