Precious Moments
March 1, 2019
Precious Moments

A few months ago, I dropped my oldest daughter off for her first day at kindergarten.  I worked hard to hold back the tears, but I did it...that is until I got in my car, and I blubbered like a baby as I drove all the way home.  I was so bad, even my three-year-old told ME to stop crying!  I spent every second of my oldest daughter's first five years with her.  No work, no preschool.  Just us.  Many thought I was crazy.  Some told me I was making the wrong choice, but I knew in my heart my husband and I were the only ones who could raise a kind, well-adjusted, bright and loving child.   

The house is quieter now, but the joy has crept back in, knowing it was I who changed her diapers, I who sang to her, read to her and loved her.  I didn't miss a moment.
After that first day of drop-off, some mothers met at a local coffee shop for some emotional support.  As I sat there with my youngest, one mother was taken aback that she wasn't in preschool.  She asked me when she was going to start.  I said she wasn't.  And she literally GASPED when I said that!  She looked at me like I was crazy and said: "Well, that is too bad."  Can you believe that?  In my heart, however, I was smiling, knowing that I will get two more uninterrupted years with my little one.  I cannot wait to experience those precious moments with her.  

Thank you for being my surrogate mom and for helping me shape the way I raise my kids and love my husband, who is an amazing and strong father.  I definitely chose wisely when I chose him.

A thousand thank yous,


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