The Value Of A Stay-At-Home Mom
July 11, 2018
The Value Of A Stay-At-Home Mom

Dear Dr. Laura:

Every time you speak about the lack of love kids receive in daycare, I'm reminded of what happened to my nephew.  He was three years old and went to a daycare run by a wonderful woman in her home.  I thought this was an ideal setting because the child was in a home and not an institution.  But just because something is a home or looks like a home doesn't mean that it is safe.  Although this woman was caring and loving, she made a big mistake.  

My nephew was sleeping for his afternoon nap, when the woman had to pick up another child who had finished school.  She left my nephew alone in the care of her boyfriend.  Shortly after she left, my nephew woke up crying, because he didn't know the man who was there, and was inconsolable because no one else was there with him.  The daycare owner's boyfriend proceeded to beat him with a meat tenderizer and strangled him into unconsciousness to make him stop crying.  When the owner came back from collecting the other child, she discovered my nephew listless and knew something was wrong.  When my sister picked him up, she was told that he should be taken to a doctor.  The doctor noticed the marks on his body and that he was hemorrhaging around his eyes, indicating that he had been strangled.

The boyfriend received two years in prison, and my 3-year-old nephew (who is now 22) lives every day with severe epilepsy and brain damage due to what was done to him. 

The value of a stay-at-home mom can never be stated enough.  


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