The Power of Grandmothers
July 29, 2013
The Power of Grandmothers


Hi Dr. Laura,

You always ask, "Why be a man's unpaid whore?" Well, my grandmother had another way of saying the same thing. She said, "A man will never buy the cow, if he can get the milk for free."

How I hated that when I was growing up!

But I guess I listened because my husband and I are celebrating our thirtieth anniversary this November. A lot of water has passed under THAT bridge, but we're still together, still facing life together as a partnership.

Note that none of our cohabitating friends from 30 years ago are still together.

My grandmother always asked me when I was dating...Is this man GOOD ENOUGH to be the FATHER of your children? A lot of my dates FAILED miserably in that category. But, thankfully, I found a good man who's been a fabulous father to our two kids.

I will always be grateful that I had a wise grandmother.

Love your work!


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