My Dad, My Hero
December 4, 2014
My Dad, My Hero

Dear Doctor Laura, 

I am a new member of your Dr. Laura Family Free, but I am not new to your books. I simply want to thank you for your dedicated understanding of how successful families and individuals function. I grew up with a mother who degraded my father in every way possible. Her manipulations and refusal to take personal responsibility left a wake of devastation. My father, however, decided to rise above it. He read voraciously and bettered himself to be the man that could overcome the faults. There were many times as a teen that I would turn the key to my dad's car and hear a narrator telling me how to better myself so I could improve my marriage. There was not a day that went by that he did not express his love for her, even knowing that she was abusive. He is amazing. In every way, he is my hero. 

After 28 years of marriage they divorced. Although I will never know what it is like to be a child of a successful marriage, I have great hope in being a mother to those who do. When I was about 16 my Dad gave me his copy of "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" and told me to remember gratitude. This was a frequent topic in our talks. He told me that gratitude is the key to a happy life. As an adult woman, in an ever increasingly male-oppressive society, I can see his wisdom. I recently purchased "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" on and I found myself saying "Amen" to just about everything! Ha-ha. So, thank you! You have helped to bring alignment and happiness to me and to the man I will someday call Husband. You are wonderful! 

Much love and gratitude, 


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