Growing a Backbone
March 25, 2020
Growing a Backbone

My son is now a strapping 16-year-old and does a fine job of remembering homework assignments, books, his lunch, and it's all thanks to you!

When he was in elementary school, I was guilty of running to school when he forgot his lunch, his assignment, his WHATEVER. Then I heard you talk about allowing a child to fail, so they learn to be responsible on their own.
One morning we were on our way to school and he said, "Oh Mom, I forgot my permission slip for next week's field trip. Can you bring it later? I'll get extra credit for having it in today."  I heard you whispering on my shoulder, and I said, "Sorry son, Dr. Laura said I had to grow a backbone. You'll have to bring it in tomorrow." He fell apart, crying, begging, and I felt like ogre-mom. But I stood my ground, and life did carry on.

The NEXT time he forgot something, my answer was the same, and he just sighed and said, "I hate Dr. Laura's backbone!" He would still occasionally forget things, but much less so, and when he did forget, there was no fuss, no muss. So, I want to thank the YOU of about 10 years ago, who put me on the right track as a parent, and you can take some credit for the fine man my son will become.

Thank you for your service to parents everywhere. Love you Dr. Laura!


Posted by Staff at 2:01 AM