Dr. Laura Mom School!
April 19, 2013
Dr. Laura Mom School!
Dear Dr. Laura,

I have been listening and reading your advice for about 15 years. My best friend listens to you too, and we often ask each other "What would Dr. Laura say" about the dilemmas we are discussing!

Recently I was at her house with my 3 children. My 6-year-old watched as my friend disciplined her own 7-year-old daughter for speaking rudely to Mom (my friend). My friend held firm to the consequence that she had set forth for her daughter and remained calm throughout the whole interaction showing incredible restraint and power over the situation. I encouraged her and said, "Good job, Mama. Dr. Laura would be proud!"

On our drive home, my 6-year-old daughter asked if my friend and I were related. I told her that we knew each other as co-workers and were friends before either of us had children, and that now we are like sisters even though we are not truly related.

After a long sigh, she said..."Well, I don't know about any of that...but it seems to me that you both went to the same school to learn how to be moms"!!!  One day, she will understand that the “Dr. Laura School” of being a mom is where we both learned our many lessons!

Thanks again for encouraging us stay-at-home moms.  I love being home for my children and my husband every day.


Posted by Staff at 12:22 PM