This is Your Brain on Love
March 29, 2012
This is Your Brain on Love

Recently Dr. Laura asked on her Facebook page: "Love can change the wiring in your brain. How has being in love changed you?" 

Here are only some of your responses:

Terran: I did not know what love truly did to someone, until I found the love of my life:) Being with him has made me want to be a better me, and do better in life. He is teaching me to grow, be positive, not be so-o dependent on him for fun (like get a hobby Terran!) He's taught me patience (That is a biggie for me!) And also to think logically, not emotionally! Love can do so many wonderful things if you let yourself feel it.

Spidder: Knowing the smartest best person I know loves me with all his might has made me a lot more confident and secure. Loving him back is a pleasure that I will cherish. Knowing he loves me gives me the strength to let the idiots that want to try to bug me NOT bug me because their opinion just does not matter to me.

Maggie:  Love saved my life, and it's hard to know what you are missing until you have it. I was deeply depressed in my first "marriage," we were very selfish and self-centered together. I was never truly happy until I found a man who truly wanted to make me happy and I completely respect him. I also returned to my faith in God, whom I had been neglecting for about 15 years. With two young boys now, all I have to do is play with them for a few minutes, and I am instantly in a better mood!

Deborah: I think just the 37 years we've been together, the love part has aged us in a way where we have LEARNED to be better, get along, and go with the flow; whereas years ago... we were kinda snarky with each other! LOL!

Terri: Love has been the perfect mirror. My love's been the other, better half of me. He helps me be the best I can, and the love I see returned is all the reward I need. The perfect and never-ending cycle, love given and returned, which multiplies and forms a family!

Alyssa: Growing up in a very loveless childhood made me feel like there was something wrong with me, like I was unloveable. But after years, I found a man who taught me what true gentle love is. He asks nothing in return and does not try to change who I am. He has taught me there was nothing wrong with me and in return I have learned how to love him and my children in a way I never knew existed! True love asks nothing in return. It does not try to change the other person just simply accepts who they are and loves them through the good and the bad. I know I am a better more gentler person for it!

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