May 13, 2010
Nanny-Cam Horrors
IconIt's been all over the news.  A "nanny-cam" in the home of two twin preemies showed the nanny handling the children like trash bags.  I mean, if you know it's going to be shown on Nancy Grace's television program, it has to be bad!The single most important issue, however, was never addressed.  Where were their parents?  These delicate babies were in the hands of hired help and not their own parents.  Nowhere in the news pieces did anyone suggest that these parents had to work or risk being homeless.  Quite the contrary.There are babies who have been forgotten, neglected, and abused in day-care centers.  Now, nannies are doing the same in the parents' home.  Parents themselves are forgetting their own children in cars, which literally causes the children to be poached to death.  When will the tide turn back to parents making their children their number one priority, and moving their dual careers or owning "things" to a lower spot on their list?  Until then, more horrifying stories are sure to come.

Posted by Staff at 12:59 AM