November 9, 2018

When I married the love of my life seven years ago, I had a good job making good money, and I was home every night.  We bought a house, an SUV, and we had a baby boy.  Then due to cutbacks, I lost that well-paying job.  I got another one, but it didn't pay as well, and it became clear we would eat through our savings within the year.

I take my role as provider and protector seriously, so this was hard to face.  I was offered a job that paid even more than the first one I had, but I would be on the road for three weeks at a time.  How could I leave my family unguarded for three weeks?  My wife and I came up with a plan.  I would do this job for five years, enough to save enough so we could live on a smaller wage.  As for how to protect my family, we got security cameras, an alarm system and two large German Shepherd dogs.  We also bought a pump-action shotgun and I taught my wife how to use it.

A year later, all things were going well.  One night I had the chance to come home early, and I thought it would be romantic to surprise my wife.  It was about 10PM when I arrived.  I crept up to the door, silently slid my key in the door, shut off the alarm and then I heard a deep growl.  Our two dogs were ten feet away, ready to eat anyone who had come in.  When they recognized me, all was okay, so I made my way up the stairs hoping they hadn't woken my wife up, only to find I was staring down the barrel of a shotgun held by my nightgown-wearing, barefoot wife.  She lowered the gun and said "Well, you're home early!  Darn near got yourself shot!"  

And I just got offered a well-paying job where I'll be home every night, so I no longer need to worry about my family (after that incident, I worried a lot less anyway)!


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Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM