More Great Sailing Questions from You!
March 8, 2012
More Great Sailing Questions from You!

1. Mark: How much of this race is downwind? Do you fly a spinaker and if so is advertising allowed on it?

About 90% or more is downwind.  I have seven spinnakers each for different wind strength and angle to the wind.  That is how you "direct" a sailboat.  Advertising is allowed.  This race, SiriusXM sponsored all the communications opportunities to you and the cameras. 

2. Evin: You live your life around creating good relationships. Is it hard on a boat where people can't get away from one another, to get along? How do you solve conflict?

Generally, crew members are known to the skipper or the boat captain or other sailors or navigator, etc.  We all try to NOT have a "difficult" person aboard.  Quarters are quite close and we have to work as a team.  If one member does not contribute to the atmosphere, much less the actual running of the boat...they are not invited back.  These sorts of people become "known".

3. Constance: What strategies are you trying differently in this race than in the last race?

This time I have a professional navigator aboard. However what I have learned is you can prepare the boat and have the best weather information...and it can still come down to luck.  Sheesh!

4. Richard: I'd like to know how the race operates. Do you race 24/7 or do you stop at a certain time each evening? Does everyone follow the same course?

Yes, we race 24/7.  Each member is "coupled" with another member.  The "couples" are staggered:  four hours on watch, 4 hours trying to rest. We have rotating watches so out of 8 total crew members on boat, each hour we have 4 members on deck to sail her.  It sure tests you!

5. Dianne: Besides winning the race, what does the entire crew look forward to while in the race?

A good time and to learn something. My crew consists of 7 guys who have sailed since they could walk.  I am the newbie (smile).  They just love being out on the water: sea life, surviving challenges (Mother Nature style) having fun with each other, and doing their absolute best.


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