If You Don't Put in the Effort, Someone Else Will
June 22, 2012
If You Don't Put in the Effort, Someone Else Will

I flirt shamelessly and do "the marital fondle" during the day. Then at night, I make sure I'm available. If I don't feel like it, I remember all the things he does for me that he probably doesn't feel like doing and I might do the whole thing with a “little extra” for fun.

I also make sure I'm fresh, smooth and smell good. He thinks I'm wonderful and I intend that he continues to think so. I tell him, "No girls" when he leaves, assuming that they all want him. He laughs at me, but he likes it. I'm in my 50's and am someone else now, for had I taken such good care of my first husband, maybe he wouldn't have found someone else and left me with 2 small kids to raise.

You women in your 20's, listen up. If you have a good one, put some effort in. If you don't, someone else will!


(By the way, regarding my first marriage, he married her and she got 3 kids out of him.  She then dumped him and continues to drag him to court for more and more money. I feel like I lost my kids' dad for nothing.)

Posted by Staff at 11:52 AM