Putting Kids First
September 26, 2014
Putting Kids First

Dr. Laura

The first and only time I stayed overnight at my wife's parents home I was excited to save money on a hotel.  Besides, it was always unheard of to stay at a hotel when you have family. The problem was my allergic reaction was severe to the years of cigarette smoking in their home.  So I made it clear to my wife if she stayed overnight it would be without me.

Months later and my wife is pregnant with our first child.  I took the dirty looks of her family and her mom fussing and cussing me out.  Despite the articles I forwarded to my wife as to the dangers of 3rd hand smoke to our unborn child, she would not stand with me on the matter and informed her parents that I would not allow us to stay overnight there and she didn't agree with my decision.

Our wonderful healthy daughter is now 5 months and I have remained determined.  I patched things up with my mother-in-law, who respects the man her daughter married.  I look for ways to compromise on most things but never with my child's health or safety.

I applaud you for constantly teaching your audience to put their emotions, nostalgia or whatever else aside and to put their children first. It seems the obvious decision to me, but I have seen people put something as trivial as their feelings above their kids.

Keep up the fine fight and realize you are not alone.




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