March 30, 2011
Shacking Up -- In Church!

Dear Dr. Laura,

I wanted you to know you became part of our pastor's Sunday sermon this past week. He was giving his sermon based on the week's Gospel lesson about a Samaritan woman at a well whom Jesus came and sat next to. He was talking to her about the husbands she had had and she told him she did not currently have a husband even though she was living with a man. All of a sudden our pastor stopped and said "What does Dr. Laura call that?" (Our pastor is from Helsinki, Finland, and although very, very bilingual he still struggles with some English words.) I and several other devout listeners called out and said "Shacking up!" So you see you are with us not only on air, in print, but also in church!

A devout fan in oh so many ways,



Posted by Staff at 10:58 PM