March 29, 2011
My Purpose
Icon Dear Dr. Laura,

When I brought my first child home from hospital, through all the feelings of tenderness and strength, this thought came to mind: "My Purpose for the next 20 years is to teach this child how to live without me." This became a perfectly simple foundation by which to base all of my parental decisions.

Epiphany time 24 years later: I recently went into debt for a real nice 50th wedding anniversary party for my ex-inlaws. The unease began when people expressed to me how wonderful I was for doing this. How unusual for a woman to do this for the parents of the man who abandoned us. Dr. Laura, I must admit, as a human "bean", my first inclination was to accept the praise as a reflection of MY goodness. However, my conscience bothered me and I had to get away. Here is the real reason for my "good deed": I am still teaching my children how to live without me. This is a duty that I was ENTRUSTED with by our Creator.

My children are adults now.  It is still my duty to LIFT UP THAT WHICH IS GOOD where they can see. This is a sacred duty to our children. I am so grateful to the parents of my ex husband for being an example of the Sweetest Thing I ever could hope for my children. Now, I look for a second job to pay for it all. Our Sacred duty to our children never stops. It simply changes over time.

In full support of your Purpose; may it never stop.

Thank you for helping the Sweetest of Things for your Fellow "Human Beans"!

Pinto (bean)


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