February 11, 2011
A Difference Between Home Schooled and Public Schooled Kids
IconMy brother is a Boy Scout leader here in Bellingham, WA. He was at a meeting with 3rd graders, most of which are home schooled, and a few parents. The theme of the day was when to call 911. Here is how the conversation went: David: Why do people call 911? Answer from children: For an emergency. David: What is an example of an emergency? Child A: If someone is running around inside your house naked and you don't know them. David: Ok, that could be an emergency. Any other examples? Child B: When you get stoned. Parents looked surprised. David: Could you tell us more about what you mean? Child: Like in the Bible, if people throw rocks at me. I will call 911. One of the dads in the group said, "And that's the difference between a home schooled and a public schooled kid." I thought it was very amusing, and thought you might too. P.

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