February 3, 2011
Following in Your Footsteps
IconHello, Dr. Laura! I am on many social sites, trying to market my business, and one is a place for women to support each other with "hugs" and cheers and an understanding ear. One such "page" is where women who are complaining (mostly) about their usband or boyfriend how they don't help, they're lazy, etc. Well, I have been waiting for the day I get a notification from the people who run it that I am no longer welcome. Why? Because I am "Dr. Laura" with all of my comments! I do try most sincerely to state my opinions with finesse and tact (they didn't call a radio show looking for my help and I'm not a qualified therapist), but I still wonder when that day will arrive. I thank you for everything I have learned at your feet over these past years that you were on my radio station. I used to be one of the women who was all turned around by the women's movement and I was already recovering before you came on my radio, but the growth was incredible listening to you! I also read your book "The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands" and wish I could do something to force my daughters-in-law to read it! So, thanks again for all you do.  You are a "SuperWoman" in my book! S.

Posted by Staff at 8:26 PM