Wife Intimacy Issues
February 3, 2012
Wife Intimacy Issues

Dr. Laura,

I am a 47 year old man. I have been married for 23 years to a great woman and have raised two great kids, 20 & 18.

Recently I was in the car with my wife and was listening to your program. You were talking to a caller who did not feel 'cute' enough and was avoiding intimacy with her husband. You gave her the four alternatives:

1. He will have an affair
2. He will leave you
3. He will consort with prostitutes
4. He will masturbate to porn.

There was instantly a 3000 pound elephant in the back seat of the car. My wife said she thought we were 'doing fine' in that department. I told her I did not consider 3 or 4 times a year 'doing fine'.

Your frank discussion with the caller opened the conversation for us and allowed us to talk about the things I was feeling. It also gave her some perspective from the husband's point of view.



Posted by Staff at 3:23 PM