February 2, 2011
Unplanned and the Facebook shark-side
IconHi Dr. Laura! I was listening to your program last week and heard Abbey Johnson tell her story. I was understandably outraged at Planned Parenthood (and have been since listening to you talk about their practices) and posted a link to Abbey's book on my Facebook page. That was all it took for a Facebook "friend" to go on the attack. She posted something to the entire Facebook world about deleting someone becasue they posted annoying links on their (my) Facebook page. Well sure enough I was the one she was speaking of, within hours I was "un-friended". Long story short I wrote her a message and this is a copy and paste of my exact email to her: Hi D., I am just writing regarding the delete. I am sure you felt quite offended by my post yesterday and I don't blame you. Abortion is an offensive subject, I do not like posting about it because it is such a hard thing to think about BUT, I am a Christian and I am commanded to protect the innocent in any way I can. If posting something of Facebook to bring awareness to people is what I can do right now then I will do it. I guess those who have differing opinions don't get debated, just deleted. I am disappointed that you closed your mind to another point of view to the point of deleting me. Someone who is secure about their stand on a subject can handle different opinions even if they disagree to the core they can accept that others have a differing opinion. I personally have many many FB friends that have opinions so different from mine whom I still have as friends even after posting something I find offensive. Something to think about: it is not going to kill anyone to be offended, including myself as I have been offended every so often but the reason I am writing to you is to simply ask you to allow yourself to be offended and to accept people with different opinions than yours-this is a liberating experience!! It is okay to be offended, not fun but it is a part of life. I am not trying to ask you to be my friend again I just wanted you to think about this. I am sure I will see you at a reunion or something one day and I hope I do, you were a lot of fun back in high school and I am sure you are still a great person to hang out with!! Anyway, I hope you have a great week ahead! God bless you!!  - H. I had to share my story of revenge.....if you can call a sweet demeanor revenge..... Thank you Dr. Laura, I have listened since I was 13 and I am 30 now. You have imparted so much wisdom to me and I thank you for that! Have a GREAT day!!

Posted by Staff at 12:50 AM