December 16, 2010
Because of You!!!
IconBecause of you, I now am getting tons of presents from my sweetie, when before he would forget. Because of you, he comes home with a smile on his face and is glad to be home. Because of you, I now wear jewelry every day, whereas before it would get dusty packed away in some drawer. Because of you, my sweetie gives each month to a wonderful charity for wounded soldier's families, and it has opened his heart. Because of you, after purchasing a couple of your necklaces, he decided our new hobby (to enjoy together), is making jewelry. Because of you, even when money is tight, he has been looking for a pair of nice earrings to give me for Christmas. Because of you, I am getting "African Queen," your jewelry at and I am thrilled. This quote is from his email to me this morning, "it will look twice as good once you are wearing it" the rest of the email is private. Because of you, my boyfriend is back after 37 years. Thanks for caring and giving me my sweetheart back and giving me a backbone to use when I need to. I stand up a lot straighter these days. P. By the way, your advice was right on the mark, seeing the sunrise or sunset, holding hands, walking and not talking is as good as it can get.

Posted by Staff at 2:18 AM