December 6, 2010
Be Brave
IconI don't know or care how much it costs, but I will start my SiriusXM subscription today because I need to hear more of what you are saying. It's not new stuff -  I say the same stuff. I just need to hear I am not alone in thinking or feeling about the world. When I get "silenced" I will remember that there is always a means to being heard: I just can't quit on myself (or the people that have chosen me to be their guide). I can go underground, above ground, sideways or horizontal in my thinking and actions in order to continue to have and hold my opinions without offending others or offending myself by stifling my opinions or changing them according to what is "right" in the world view. Behind every scary turn in the world is a bunch of people brave enough to stand up for what is true: we can - and need to - all get along. With love, J

Posted by Staff at 3:43 AM