November 20, 2010
When Did our Children become a Burden?
IconAs I travel through my local area in Leander, TX on the search for a new park with my 2 year old twins, singing and having a grand time together, I notice four new childcare locations being built within a two block radius.  What??!!  Better yet, the talk radio program in the background is discussing the probability of airlines limiting the flight times for children as to not disturb the "business travelers". Every day, I notice more examples of society and parents living AROUND their children as if offspring are now a heavy burden to endure instead of a blessing to love and cherish.  I can't imagine what the future "burdens" of America will do if they choose to procreate.  I just wish every parent loved their children as much as I love mine it's the greatest blessing I could have ever received. ~K

Posted by Staff at 12:24 AM