November 5, 2010
You Never Know Who is Listening
IconDr Laura, I have enjoyed your show for more than a decade and always have it on in the car, when traveling with my girls. As my older daughter grew (teenage years she began to grouse at some of your conservative advice), which I dismissed as growing pains. However at 21, she recently meet a nice young man with many positive attributes. She explained to him she was not interested in getting serious because as a 26 yr old man he has a 10 year old boy (which she declined to meet because she didn't want to interject CHAOS - I wonder where she heard that term before - into his life), and this young man needed to put raising his son before dating!!! I was so proud of her responsible attitude and I wanted to thank you for being a constant reminder of sound morals and children first in this world which presents far too many moral-less opportunities! Thanks for everything A loyal fan

Posted by Staff at 6:05 PM