November 1, 2010
Dr. Laura's "Magic Wand"
IconDear Dr. Laura- As a "family member" and longtime listener, I was touched by the call from a woman afraid to inform her brother of his positive test results for a devastating disease (Huntington's). In your compassionate, firm way, you rightly said her brother must be informed despite the caller's fears of his committing suicide, adding you regret you have no magic wand. But you do, in a way! Your listeners' "ranks" include many people who add your callers to their prayers. So many times we hear of specialists, surgeries or treatments becoming suddenly available, or sudden remissions with no scientific explanation. Other times, families are able to bear the loss of someone in death by gathering closer together courageously either way, your caller and her brother are now in the thoughts and prayers of thousands via your broadcast.   My husband and I each were "supposed" to die at birth he was born with spina bifida in 1948, but despite the danger of a then innovative surgery and a year in the hospital, he suffered no brain damage and can walk. In my case, I was born a week+ shy of 3 months premature, weighing under two pounds. Despite the (1954!) odds, I, too, survived. Growing up with this knowledge, we are aware of the gift of each day, and pray the caller's brother will respond with strength. Perhaps medical advances will be available to treat him by the time he manifests illness. In any case, he and his sister have people who care through your program. Keep up your wise and necessary work, Dr. Laura- we thank you! Yours respectfully- Robyn

Posted by Staff at 11:49 PM