September 21, 2010
Weight Control and Loss
IconA few days ago, while driving I heard a portion of a phone call where the lady was looking for motivation to lose weight. Your answer was no motivation works. Eventually it is a matter of character. I am paraphrasing, but essentially you said an individual has to decide whether they keep faith with themselves or not. A person has to make a choice to be honorable and to close that refrigerator door. You mentioned how awful we feel when we cheat, and that we are cheating ourselves. I don't want to be the type of person who cheats! Well, I have chosen to let that phone call be a defining moment for me. I maintained a normal weight until my early 40's, but then found out that I could eat all I wanted, that chocolate soothed the pain of divorce and lonely parenting, and I "blossomed" up from 125 lbs to 2 00lbs. Yeah...I know. Disgusting. When I look at my weight control as a reflection of my character, my self discipline, I am determined to be who I believe I am. Yesterday I walked into a candy store, picked up the mint chocolates, put them back down. Picked up the chocolate covered almonds, walked around, put them back down. Avoided driving to the delicatessen with my favorite imported chocolate bars today! I know I haven't spent much time thinking this way, but I am already finding that if I take a few moments to ask myself if I am noble, if I can be trusted to keep my word, if I have enough character to follow through with my commitment...SO works. Heaven knows I am old enough to be a responsible person. And I want my personal appearance to reflect that. God bless you for encouraging moms to stay home with their kids, for women to cherish their husbands, and for people to maintain perspective in life and enjoy all that we have. Do not stop saying what has to be said!!!!! P.

Posted by Staff at 8:32 PM