September 20, 2010
How Parenthood Changed My Daughter's Life
IconDear Dr. Laura: This is so amazing, I just had to share it with you. This is from our 23 year old daughter that just a few years ago in her last year of high school, we thought we were going to lose her to the ravages of the world. Through our commitment to God and applying your values in life, this is what we have undeservedly ended up with...Enjoy... The last (soon to be) 12 months have altered me in a way that I never imagined possible. I knew that parenthood would change my lifestyle, yes. I had no idea it would have such a drastic effect on my entire being. My view of myself is altered forever. I could never have believed there would someone in the world more important to me than absolutely anything else. My life revolves around how she's feeling and how I'm doing as a mother. My self image is no longer based on how good a friend I'm being or how popular I am or even what other people think about me. Am I a good mother? Am I doing the best job I can for her? Does she know how fully and completely I love her? My self worth is entirely based on those questions. There is a tiny human being holding all of that in her little hands. I knew when I got pregnant my purse would look a little different. Instead of my cell phone being the number one priority, now it's formula. I frequently forget my car keys in the house but there's always a stash of diapers at the ready. My view of my husband is entirely different as well. I've always thought of him as my best friend. He can make me laugh, make me feel complete, and he has always made me proud. Now, I'm proud in a completely different way. He's an incredible father. I've never seen someone love so openly and so completely. He tells her 100 times a day he loves her and he missed her while he was at work. This is a child who will never have to wonder if her daddy loves her. I could never have been luckier to find someone who would be such a magnificent father to my baby. My view of the world is different. I was naive about the dangers of the world as most young people are. It's a given you get more protective when you're responsible for someone helpless. I never could have imagined I would see more beauty in the world with her here. It's amazing to watch her smile at a blade of grass or point at the flowers because she thinks they're amazing. Everything is new and incredibly cool to her and I wish we could all get back to that childlike amazement. I believe that all children are a blessing from God but I believe God gave me my daughter to remind me what was truly important in life. I don't care how people perceive me as long as I make it clear I love my family and I'm doing the best I can for them. The world is beautiful and God wanted me to enjoy it with her and cherish it while I can. He wanted me to be reminded every day of how incredibly blessed I am to have my husband in my life. I'm just so grateful God deemed me worthy to be a part of this family and a mother to such a loving, beautiful, perfect little person.

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