September 17, 2010
Saved in the Frozen Foods Section
IconI have to tell you how you saved my life. I am a stay at home mother of 3 small children and by some miracle I married a very good man. I have spent the last 10 years of my life angry and self destructive. I lived my life desperately trying to fill the silence both emotionally and physically. Any moment of peace would force me to look at myself and who I'd become. I considered myself completely unlovable and very obviously damaged. I felt that everyone could see right through me and knew how worthless I really was so I avoided any real relationships and had nothing but physical and superficial relationships with men. After becoming a wife and mother I became desperate not to pass along my emotional issues to my children. For them I needed to, at the very least, appear sane and normal. I started 'Bad Childhood, Good Life' with a strong determination to gain all I could from it. Slowly I felt myself changing. Without knowing how, my interactions with others became more relaxed. I laughed more, looked outside of my own feelings for joy, and lived for others. I continually forgot to bring along my big bag of poo. One night I was at the supermarket shopping and listening to you on my ipod. In the frozen foods section I reached into the freezer for what I needed and when the door closed there I was. I paused your show and just stared as tears started to pour down my face because in all the silence and in my own eyes I saw a person worth loving. I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders and genuine joy fill my heart. I am a happier and more giving wife and mother. I no longer need to challenge my husband to convince me I am loved because I know I am. I have much more patience with my children because I know how truly blessed I am. You gave me my life back with your book and saved me thousands of dollars in botox that would have otherwise been spent to correct my frown lines. Thank you thank you thank you, I cannot say it enough. S.

Posted by Staff at 9:59 PM